Riesenbeck International
Germann Championship of the Four-in-hands - – the Eighth!

Tradition has a name in the driving sport - Riesenbeck. Nowhere else in the world have some many whizzes on the leashes come together for decades to face one another in championships.

This year, from July 30th to August 2nd, the German four-in-hands elite will be competing for precious metal. The German Championship, believe or not, the eighth (!) national championship for the four-in-hand-drivers has been advertised in the mecca of driving sport - Riesenbeck. This tradition began 29 years ago. The first championship in Riesenbeck in 1980 came to a close with a victory from Bernhard Duen.

At the Surenburg national races for the title of the four-in-hands followed in the years 1983 (Bernhard Duen), 1990 (Johann Böhler), 1994, 2001, 2003 and 2006 (Michael Freund).

This year the set of favourites is once again made up of the A-squad. Ludwig Weinmayr, winner in 2008, will be competing as the defending champion. Nevertheless, one thing is clear: Michael Freund's one-of-a-kind winning streak at national title races in Riesenbeck can only continue if Freund can share his success with one of his protégés.

Once again Derby-Time
In Riesenbeck one is used to holding several event highlights simultaneously. Thus, in 2009, alongside the German Championship, there will be a showdown of the world's best four-in-hands-drivers at the 51st International German Driving Derby.
In last year's final ranking it came down to a race between the top foreign drivers. The American Chester Weber wrapped up the 50th International German Driving Derby with a wire-to-wire victory over the Swedish two-time World Champion Thomas Eriksson and the second American, Tucker Johnson.
A high dose of excitement is also to be expected at the Carriage-and-Pair competitions. Riesenbeck serves as a venue for the qualifying to the 2009 Carriage-and-Pair World Championship.

Equestrian Sport Festival
For years, part diversity of the programme has been Riesenbeck's Youth Equestrian Sport Festival in the show jumping course together with the Grand Prize in jumping. In the dressage there will be trials on a high level reaching the stages of Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special.

Championship Tradition
The Breeding, Equestrian and Driving Club from Riesenbeck has been holding national and international championships at the Equestrian Sport Facility Surenburg. for almost 30 years:

1980: German Championship Four-in-Hands
1983: German Championship Four-in-Hands
1987: World Championship Carriage-and-Pair
1990: German Championship Four-in-Hands
1992: World Championship Four-in-Hands
1994: German Championship Four-in-Hands(+ Pony)
1996: German Championship Carriage-and-Pair
1997: World Championship Carriage-and-Pair
2001: World Championship Carriage-and-Pair/German Championship Four-in-Hands
2003: German Championship Four-in-Hands and One-Horse-Carriage
2006: German Championship Four-in-Hands(+Pony)
2008: 50th International German Driving Derby
2009: German Championship of the Four-in-Hands